Why Settle For Anything Less Than Being Loved For Who You Really Are?

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If you are not finding committed love with someone who really gets you, this community is for you...

Dear you,

I am glad you're here.

If you're tired of superficial dating advice...

If you've had it with attracting the same kinds of connections which don't go anywhere...

If you're confused as to why your love life isn't yielding you what you want...

...then you're in right place.

I get your frustrations.

Partly because they were my own frustrations.

And partly because the last 6 years I have been full time coaching women globally, so day in day out I have been hearing how painful this domain of life can be. 

I wish we had better education on relationships. 

The challege is that the relationship terrain has changed.

If you were just wanting to be married, you could make that happen.

But you want more.

You want a committed partnership with someone who meets you intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically and who is as committed to their growth as you likely are to yours. 

And maybe even more than that?

You want to be YOURSELF in the RIGHT relationship and be loved.

This community will help you achieve that.

We meet twice a month on a live call where you can ask any questions you want, get relevant exercises to do and feel supported a community of women.

So I would love for you to decide if I am the right person to support you to be your beautiful essence in the right relationship.



Here's everything you'll get when you join the community...

LIVE Group Calls 90+ minute calls twice a month with teaching, exercises, questions and occasional spots for 1:1 coaching. All calls are archived for your ongoing access.

Private Facebook community Connect with your peers in real time - learn from other people's questions and struggles. Have a place to go for support.

Your Questions Answered Your individual Qs answered by Jack either by video or text.

Exclusive Video Content I create content for the community that is released here...and nowhere else! 

Examples of topics and questions we cover in the community:

Essence & Love Foundations

Inner Critic & Permission to Learn

Authentic Communication

Week 4: Owning your experience/ Not subjectifying

Trust, Intuition and Doubt

Dropping The Story / Loving Reality

Healthy Boundaries and Making Requests

The New Relationship

Polarity & Attachment

Navigating Commitment

Understanding Men

Week 12: Stepping Out & The Road Ahead

What do women say about working with Jack?

“Jack is the Anthony Robbins of the global conscience.” - Nancy Kepner

“My life feels very different. I feel more connected to myself, more heart open - less stressed about me and where I am.” - Maureen West

"You're AWESOME! This is such a needed message. I'm so grateful to be blessed with it! Thank you" - Cynthia Young

Frequently Asked Questions 

When will the calls be?  

The calls will be twice a month, Tuesdays at 6pm PT / 7pm MT / 9pm ET. If you're in a different timezone, or that doesn't work for you, all the calls will be recorded and then available 24/7. You can also pre-submit your questions so they will be answered whether you are on the call live or not.

What's my commitment?

You can stay in the community as long as it serves you. You can cancel anytime, and your membership will end at the end of that month.

Who is this for? 

It's for women aged 30-80 who want more from their relationships and want to be more their true selves.

How is this different from other communities?

This community is for smart, conscious women. The other main difference is that my teaching is generally for people who are not beginners in their personal/relational growth and I am bringing my presence, realness and leadership.

More about Jack 

Jack coaches and teaches globally, to help women be more of who they really are in their lives and relationships. He has taught on four continents and his programs have been purchased in over 30 countries. Jack has also directed over 100 personal growth intensives. He is a former runner-up in the UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, being honored in the UK House of Lords. Jack's youtube channel has over 20k subscribers. When they are not travelling or back in England, he and his wife Ilana live in Boulder, Colorado.

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